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Coming Home & What It All Means

Coming Home & What It All Means
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It’s been a little while since I’ve written a journal entry. I guess this part can creep away from you, when you run a business solo and do pretty well all of the work including designing, managing, creatively directing and running the show. Some things have to take a back seat but I think it’s important to share what has been going on behind the scenes, what I’ve been up to, who is involved and where the inspiration for 'Coming Home' came from, as we are about a week away from releasing the new collection online.


I live and base SABAII out of Adelaide city, I chase summer religiously and wouldn’t be unhappy in a place where the temperatures reach 30+ daily. Escaping the winter months and moving production from China (which was way too far and did not agree with my ethics or the direction of the brand) to Indonesia seemed like the most practical and best option for the lifestyle I want to live and for the growth of the brand.


So thats what I’ve been doing; moving production and in the process, designing a whole new collection from the ground up. No buy and sell, no crappy quality, seams or fabrics, just my own ideas and dreams on paper and into reality. Creating a new collection is an exciting process but moving my entire production team and setting up a new factory while doing so was a little more challenging. It was a lot of walking blindly into the unknown. Finding the right people to partner with, finding a workspace that was ethical and followed fair trade practices, looked after the women and men making the garments, the embroidery and then of course the language barrier (I need to learn Indonesian) isn’t an easy task but it’s the path I’ve chosen and one that ignites passion inside of me like nothing else. The thrill of discovery, new processes and unknown territory captured my soul from the very beginning. And for some reason I always feel like I am only ever at the beginning of this no mater how many years go by. This is probably why I continue to do what I do daily, even though sometimes i want to quit so bad. Creatively, It is the driving force behind my work.


I spent over a year researching, trialing and finding the right people that aligned with my ethics. People that could produce quality garments and work with me under one roof to bring my ideas to life.


This was a lot of back and fourth, and a big learning curve for me and the team as we were all tackling new ground in my designs. Using beautiful fabrics they were not used to working with and hiring an external source to do the delicate embroidery work on even more delicate fabrics pushed back delivery dates time and time again. But we are finally here after 14 long months and I couldn’t be happier.


Speaking of change and chasing what makes me happy, another noteworthy change and a big inspiration behind the collection happened to me this year. I fell in love with the most beautiful man I’ve ever met. We met 2 years ago at a music festival and it wasn’t until this year that we decided to get our shit together and go for it. I haven’t felt more at home since that day. Although we live in separate states we have travelled and made the time to spend as much of it as we can of it together, with plans to relocate next year. 


Mid November we were lucky enough to spend an entire month in the country at his family property in QLD, about 4 hours inland from Byron. His property is called “Folkstone". The place itself is inspiring due to its serenity and seclusion, which became the inspiration behind naming the dresses and giving them their own story. Although the design process started way back in October 2017, the way it has ebbed and flowed throughout the months and the life changing moments I have experienced through them as a woman, as a creative and as business owner has led me and the collection to this exact point, and I am so grateful to share with you a piece of my heart and soul.


That same feeling of home in his presence and in the country home where he grew up inspired the name of the collection 'Coming Home’. It’s been a long process to get SS19 off the ground but from day one Jordy brainstormed with me, he inspired me to keep going at times when I thought I might give it all away. He has been the biggest support for me in life and with Sabaii, and has even come on board to help out and is now branded our 'customer solutions manager’. Some of you reading this would have spoken to him via email already.


I guess it has become a journey of him and I and our love thrown into the creative mix, as it is the designs themselves to bring this collection to life. It comes from a long 12 months of discovery, new beginnings and new love. Inspired by this, and designed for you, for me and for us to love the skin we’re in, because we all deserve to feel beautiful, loved and comforted in life. 


Coming Home SS19 will be available (production permitting) for pre-sale December 7th and dropping online December 17th .


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