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Ethical Choices - How Your Leather Is Made

Ethical Choices - How Your Leather Is Made
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In light of Fashion Revolution Week - We feel now is the best time to talk about your leather, where it comes from and who makes it. For us transparency in business is really bloody important. And when it comes to who we choose work with on any level, We believe in getting hands-on, personally involved and immersed with every aspect of what we do. Why?

A. This is our passion


B. To make sure we are bringing our own ethics across at every stage.

So naturally when it comes to the product: Including where we source our materials, the conditions our products are made in & the people who actually make them, We take the long route to guarantee that all our leather goods are ethically produced with as little wastage as possible and the smallest imprint on the earth. We strive to make sure that every single person involved from start to finish is treated with respect and equality.

I (Laura) personally travel across the world in search of the best quality materials & the most talented, skilful and warm hearted people I can find to do business with. I make sure that its fair trade by actually paying the workers directly & at an above average wage. This ensures that SABAII not only deliver's a premium product to you, but it comes with a clear conscience and a tonne of heart and soul.

We want to show you what its like behind the scenes in regards to the sourcing process. Sabaii's founder and creative director Laura Taraniuk takes us to Bali on the search for luxury leathers in earthy tones for our newest collection dropping really darn soon. 




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