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Sabaii Muse - Meet Christina

Sabaii Muse - Meet Christina
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Its not everyday you get to meet women who just get you & what you're about. Your values align & its easy to create a flow of conversation, skipping the small talk & getting straight to the dirty parts of the soul. This is exactly what we found with island gypsy, come writer, come model and all round legend - Christina Macpherson. We sat down with this Samoan born beauty to talk all things life, love, travel & what it takes to be a decent human in this day and age.

So Christina, Tell us how did you come about to do modelling & when did you realise Instagram was a good platform for you to work from? Oomph, a toughie to start off with! Modelling was never something I actively sought out - in fact I cancelled a lot of shoots in the beginning because my anxiety over it overwhelmed me. But when I was asked to model about six years ago by lovely, kind photographer I went for it, and since then it has just progressed. Instagram just kind of happened as a result - photographers and brands would post photos of me and my following grew from that.

What is it you love most about this gig? The opportunity to meet new people and be inspired by their own journey, thoughts, and creativity.
Well we find you to be a real inspiration in this world & especially this industry, but what inspires you in life? 
I think life, in general, inspires me! People, places, countries, cultures. I find simple things, along with pretty complex thing's, incredibly interesting and beautiful

We couldn't agree more, We take it also this is where your passions lie?
In so many things! I'm passionate about our earth and protecting/saving it (from ourselves). I'm passionate about education, because I think from it comes the end of discrimination, inequality and bigotry. I'm also a big on ridding our schools/media/social channels of bullying. And this is why we bloody love you...

What about down the line, What do you see yourself immersing in?
I feel pretty lucky that I'm able to love the work I'm doing. Long term, I'd love to write for a travel magazine regularly whilst still being on the road. But overall, I feel really grateful and lucky I'm so far living my dream. While we're talking passions, let's talk travel..Where do you want to go next? 
I'd love to travel all around South & North America and Europe. I'd also love to visit countries that I don't have much of an understanding of - places like China, Russia, Africa etc.

We hate this question, but we will ask it anyway do you have a favourite destination? 
Everywhere! Everywhere is different and special to me! This year I've travelled to eight countries and each is incredible. 
Eight countries is an nice little number to have under your belt... Speaking of let's talk travel essentials. Everyone has their own little ritual, can you share yours with us? 
My personal essentials are a notepad and pen, glasses (I'm blind as a bat), and an unreasonable amount of moisturiser! I am constantly dry from all the flying so moisturiser and water is essential for me! Also a good book to immerse myself in and take my mind off work, a good playlist full of all kinds of music, meditations guides and podcasts; and google translator.

Sounds perfect!! And last but not least, your travel luggage what do you use?
Something comfy to wear that doesn't hurt your back or shoulders. Small to mid size, but something big enough for all the essentials on a plane, or for a day of exploring - Like the SABAII Wandering Backpack, Its my favourite! 

Thank you lovely lady.... XX

Image Credit

Model: Christina Macpherson @christinamacpherson

Photographer: Rachel Dobbs @rach_swiftandclick





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