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Starting in 2012 from a rented room in a small fishing village in Thailand, Founder and designer Laura Taraniuk has always had a desire to forge a path of her own and nothing changed when starting her own label. Laura set out to create and design unique one of a kind leather bags, that you couldn't find anywhere else.
This passion for creating something new led to the first apparel collection released in 2016.
First designed to compliment the bags, but through countless market stalls and pop up shops, Laura delved into many conversations with women face to face, that led to creating garments they could truly feel beautiful in.
Dresses that fit the curves of women from a size 6 to 18.
Adjustable clothing that was not only well made, but also developed ethically, on a small scale. Empowering the women who made them by paying a fair working wage and the women who wear them by listening to what they wanted. To be able to connect and inspire all women to know their worth has become the driving force behind this Australian label, and Laura's business model. 
Sabaii literally translates to ‘Everything is all good, It’s all chilled’ & that’s exactly the essence of what we create. It’s a place to take your shoes off, let your hair down and immerse yourself in the feminine silhouettes, intricate embroidery & natural fabrics that Sabaii is known for. A modern bohemian vibe that truly encapsulates the free spirit in all of us.  
It is a small operation and solo run. Laura, the creative director & designer takes care of most aspects of the business from design and manufacturing, answering emails, hand packing each order, marketing and social media, campaign shoots and so much more. Our casual team of makers and seamstresses, freelance photographers, make up artists, courier drivers and finance help to bring Sabaii to life.
Sabaii Bohemian Apparel was born out of need of true freedom. Freedom to travel, freedom to say yes to adventures this world throws at us. Freedom to create your own reality and freedom to follow whats in your heart. It has become so much more than that and we hope to inspire, encourage and urge you to follow that knowing in your heart. 

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Never stop living a curious life
Love, Laura 

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